Our Boys

Bring Back our Boys

Bring Back our Boys event at Young Israel of New Rochelle

In the past two weeks Westchester’s Jewish community including synagogues, and organizations united to show support for the families of our kidnapped teenagers- Gilad, Eyal and Naftali, who still remain missing.

At the time of their kidnapping I was on a short trip to Israel. We all listened to the news as the story developed and unfolded. I saw the country rally together to support the families, who had just had their lives shattered and have been left with no answers. I joined other Israelis as we put our differences aside and stood in solidarity for the sake of three innocent children.

As people came together in Israel, so have we in Westchester, and we will continue to do so to send a strong message of unity to Israel. On July 8th, 2014 the Five Synagogues of White Plains will be hosting a communal prayer evening. For more information click here. Please also check with your local synagogue for information on additional events that will be taking place.

On the individual level, if you have yet to, please support the online campaign by joining the Bring Back our Boys Facebook page, and by adding your photo with a sign saying #bringbackourboys to Facebook, Twitter and/ or Instagram.

Israel’s Defense Forces are doing everything in their power to find these boys, let us do everything we can to support them.



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