December 2014- January 2015

Between holidays and vacations in December, 2014 ended on a high, with a jam packed month full of amazing events and programs around the County. It was the last month of 2014, full of firsts,  kick offs and annual events that reached new highs. With lots more planned for January 2015, here are just some of the highlights from December.

December Highlights
  • The Jewish Agency for Israel hosted its national shlichim conference. Over 260 shlichim attended to share experiences and wisdom from their communities. Other than work, it was a week for Israelis, by Israelis- with lots of Hebrew, falafel, Israeli music, and not one necktie or any other formal attire to be seen anywhere.

  • WAJE hosted IDF veterans Josh Warhit and Seth Rosenberger, along with Ari DeLevie, author of “Coping With the Demons of War,” for an evening to discuss “Life in the IDF.” The event offered the community the opportunity to hear first hand experience of the reality of the conflict and everyday life in uniform at different levels. If you missed it, make sure to attend the next event with Josh and Corey Feldman at Temple Israel of New Rochelle. Details below.

  • Israeli Parliament Meetings continued in Mt. Kisco, with 18 Israelis and Hebrew speakers joining in the discussion on “Hasbara and Israel’s PR problem.” There may not have been any solutions on offer, but there we certainly many well developed and informed opinions!

  • The first Israel Matters meeting kicked off at the home of WJC president Paul Warhit. The group covered almost all the political and religious spectrum and despite the differences in opinions, managed to have a meaningful and in depth discussion on Israel and Israeli matters. Our next meetings will focus on more specific subjects, and will give participants new angles and perspectives to think about about Israel internally and externally. Stay tuned!

  • iEngage classes continued throughout December and will be ending soon in January. For more information on joining the final classes on a class to class basis, contact Alice:

  • The Rosenthal JCC held its annual Hannukah bash, with an impressive number of kids learning about Hannukah through drumming circles and marshmallow dreidels (yum!). It was amazing to see so many old (and some new) faces from all over Northern Westchester at the Rosenthal enjoying a family fun packed afternoon with Jewish Drum Tales and their creative, entertaining (and loud!) experience.  For more photos from the JCC event, click here.

  • Our Global Jewish Connections group of 7th and 8th graders just completed their trip to Israel, visiting our friends and partners in Shoham. The kids had an amazing time experiencing Hannukah where they got to sing “Nes Gadol Haya PO” (a great miracle occurred here, instead of the traditional “sham” or “there”). Other than songs and lights, the group traveled the country to take in Israel firsthand with their friends- and made everyone in NY jealous while they spent some of their time on the Tel Aviv beachfront.
Upcoming January Events
  • Monday January 5th at the JCC MidWestchester, 6:30pm– high school seniors and college students are invited with their families to discuss Israel on college. Come learn to stand up and play a role for Israel on college through peer learning and by hearing from recent college grads. For details, click here.

  • Wednesday January 7th, 7:00pm at Temple Israel Center, White Plains– The Westchester premiere of the movie “Beneath the Helmet”. The event is free of charge and open to the public. For further details, click here.

  • Wednesday January 7th, 7:30pm,  at Temple Israel of New Rochelle- the lecture series “What happened in Gaza and What is Next” continues with guest speakers Josh Warhit and Corey Feldman- both local IDF veterans. For more information, click here.

  • Our iEngage class will conclude with two final meetings in January. For information on how to join these meetings or for more information about bringing the program to your community, please contact Alice Tenney:

  • Israel Matters continues this month with our next meeting. We will begin delving into some specific Israel related subjects that will be discussed by the group. Stay tuned to see how you can bring Israel Matters to reinvigorate the Israel discussion in your community.

Looking for something and cannot find it? Contact me and ask. I am also happy to hear recommendations and suggestions for events and programs that you would like to see in your community. 

– Yoav



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