Westchester @ AIPAC 2015

In a sea of support 16,000 people strong, over 300 of our own Westchesterites from across the life cycle, across the religious spectrum, and across the geographical spread of our County, participated in this year’s AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC.

Over 3 days at Washington’s Conference Center I had the opportunity to talk to many from our community; from high schoolers to baby boomers, from Orthodox to Conservative and Reform Rabbis, from congregations South and North of the County. While it was no surprise to see the strength and diversity from our community, as an Israeli and as a Shaliach, I was both humbled and proud to see and feel the strength of Westchester everywhere in the conference.

Hillels of Westchester at AIPAC

Hillels of Westchester at AIPAC

I would like to thank all who attended and who continue to support Israel in any way and form. A special ‘yeshar koach’ to Joel Chasnoff of New Rochelle, who put on a hilarious stand up routine (even if it was at the expense of Israelis), and of course to our own Bob Cohen of Larchmont, whose leadership was felt both on stage and throughout the halls of the conference. Bob- thank you for your leadership, your hard word, and your ongoing commitment to the US- Israel alliance.

Joel Chasnoff on stage at AIPAC

Joel Chasnoff on stage at AIPAC

Congratulations to Bob, Eric Gallagher and the entire AIPAC team, and we look forward to the next local AIPAC events.


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