Israel on Campus- a Student’s Perspective

The following article was written by Jen Weintraub- a junior at Manhattanville college. Jen is an active student leader through Hillel and StandWithUs and has been active on her campus and in the community, engaging students and the general public on Israel matters. 

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Anti-Semitism is alive and well on college campuses all around the country.  Just read most daily newspapers and online news sources.  On college campuses,  such Anti-Semitism can take the form of overt expressions such as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (“BDS”) protests by Students for Justice in Palestine (“SJP”) or more subtle messages of college professors that promote their personal Anti-Israel agenda presented as classroom material.  For me, Anti-Semitism is personal and real.

Anti-Semitism on my college campus has been perpetuated through professors in the classroom. It is no secret that college professors want to promote their agendas in the classroom to intellectually eager and naive college students. I have seen many incidents of professors spewing their own agendas about Israel that are absolutely false. Specifically, one of my professors was defending the actions of Hamas during the Gaza war this past summer. He said there was never any evidence that Hamas hid rockets in U.N. schools and hospitals. Meanwhile, the U.N. came out and condemned these actions of Hamas hiding rockets in these schools and hospitals. Another professor on my campus blamed Israel for the war this past summer and failed to mention why the war had started.   Without giving any context or history to the Gaza war, this professor gave students a biased and inaccurate view of why Israel felt compelled to act to protect it’s citizens.   Students look up to professors for guidance and learning. Professors have power and are taking advantage of the power dynamic in the classroom.

I am not the type of  student to sit and watch students be indoctrinated. As an advocate, I raised my hand and spoke up for the voice of Israel that was not being heard. I admit it is not easy speaking up for the truth, but I feel stronger knowing that I am doing the right thing for Israel and for the Jewish people.

The movie Crossing The Line 2 is an insightful  movie that portrays the evil lies about Israel being spread on college campuses. Groups such as SJP are no better than the professors indoctrinating  students on campuses that don’t know better.  In order to stand up for Israel one needs to know the context and facts.

My advice would be educate yourselves on the truth about the history of Israel. Knowledge is power. This movie is an eye opener for students all over the United States because it sheds light on fallacies spread about Israel. As Zionists we need to be prepared to stand up for Israel and the Jewish people.

 Views and opinions are independently represented and do not officially represented the Shlichut initiative. 

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