Chetz v’Keshet- Israel Scouts Info Session

Chetz V’Keshet (CVK) is a 4 week Israel Summer Program for teens ages 15-18. Bringing teens to Israel since 1981, CVK has over 5,000 alumni who have been positively impacted by their experience on the program. Through CVK’s unrivaled immersion program, our participants are absorbed into the culture, heritage, language, and society as they adventure, volunteer, and tour the country.

As the only teen summer program run in conjunction with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Chetz V’Keshet is granted unique benefits such as a tailor-made Gadna experience and incredible safety along the trip. CVK is also one of the only Israel summer programs that includes Israeli peer participants. A quarter of all CVK participants are Israeli teens that are members of the Israeli Tzofim movement and are chosen from a highly selective pool for their personality and ability to communicate in both English and Hebrew. In addition to experiencing the incredible program activities together, built into the itinerary is the opportunity to spend Shabbat with an Israeli peer’s family. Unique Volunteer Opportunities are around each and every corner with Chetz V’Keshet in Israel! Embrace what you find yourself truly passionate about by picking one of our three Tikkun Olam Elective tracks. Hike the Israel National Trail, become an active participant in a Kibbutz community or spend time in Tzfat. Click HERE to learn more!

Come meet our program director, alumni and other registered and interested families from Westchester County. Sunday, April 10th @6:00 PM.

RSVP via email for additional information:

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