Shlichut Roundup 2016

What a year it has been!  Looking back, it is almost unimaginable to think that an entire year has passed since we welcomed Yael, held an Israel solidarity evening with over 620 people, sent our third Hillel student delegation to the AIPAC conference, celebrated Israel’s 68th birthday at JCC Mid-Westchester, studied Hebrew at First Hebrew in Peekskill, bid farewell to the Rosenthal JCC, learned how to overcome the BDS challenge and prepare for college, heard the Yamin Orde Choir in White Plains, welcomed the Tzofim Friendship Caravan to multiple location in Westchester, advised BBYO chapters in Central and Northern Westchester, met with our lone soldier families to support them and their soldiers, and much much more.

It is even more unimaginable to think that three years have passed since the shlichut initiative kicked off, and to look at how far we have come since summer 2013. Thanks to the leadership of the Rosenthal JCC, the Westchester Jewish Council, and the generosity and support of UJA Federation of NY’s professionals and lay leaders, the shlichut initiative has reached thousands of people in Westchester and beyond, and managed to humanize the Israel story, ask some tough questions and bring some first hand knowledge and experience that goes beyond news headlines and accusations.

Israel has always had a special place in the Westchester community, and moving forward we hope that this connection remains as strong and vibrant as it has been until today. Next year shlichut will be continuing with the arrival of Oshra Fattal Rosenberg and her family, who will bring her unique flavor of Israel as she joins the community. We know she will be in good and welcoming hands 🙂

We wish everyone a happy, warm and summer, and look forward to seeing you soon (in Israel of course!)

Yoav & Yael



One response to “Shlichut Roundup 2016

  1. Yoav, thank you for you insights, your dedication, your
    kindness and the love you exhibited for the Westchester community. We will miss you!
    Jill Gold

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